Amelia Beverages

Amelia beverages are available at the following stores and locations.

•  Giant Food grocery stores operate in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Washington, DC. Customer Service:  1(888) 814-4268.  Delivery through Peapod.
•  Martin's Grocery stores located in the following states, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Ukrop's was acquired in 2010 by Giant-Carlisle, and the Ukrop's name was changed to Martin's. Giant and Martin's carries our full line of 13 Amelia products.  Now that Martin's has closed in Richmond, we're being carried by Publix in selected stores.
•  Harris Teeter grocery chain operates in 7 states North and South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Delaware and the district of Columbia. Customer Service:  1(800) 432-6111. 
•  Coming soon to Food Lion in January of 2018.

Amelia WATERAmelia Springs of Virginia
established 1987.

Certified as meeting all standards set forth by "Virginia's Finest" program for bottled water by the Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Agriculture and Consumers Services.

Monitored by the FDA and the Virginia Health Department.

Sizes: one gallon Pet bottle, 2.5 gallon and 16.9 oz six pack.  BPA free.

Amelia WATER Amelia Distributing Co.
established 1995

Pure steamed distilled water.
Top Grade "A" in this category.

First mention of distillation
was  by  Aristotle  383-322 B.C.

one gallon and 2.5 gallon.
BPA free.

Amelia WATER Amelia Distributing Co.

Seltzers... essence of all natural fruit flavors.
Carbonated, filtered water, no sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Three flavors are available-
Peaches/Cream, Cranberry/Lime and Wild Berry.

Size: one liter 33.8 oz, BPA free.

Amelia Distributing Co.

Amelia Seltzer, with Caffeine...
Black Cherry naturally flavored, no sugars or artificial sweeteners.

ENERGIZED with CAFFEINE, 23 mg per 8 oz,
as much as in a cup of coffee.
BPA free.

Amelia WATER
Amelia Distributing Co.

Sparkling Seltzers, Four Pack Cans 12 fluid oz.

Carbonated water, all natural flavors,
no sugar or artificial sweetners.

Three flavors-
Lemon-Lime, Raspberry and plain sparkling water.

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Phone: 804-561-5556
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